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  • SISU Adapted Programming to the Virtual Platform
  • SISU Virtual Fitness Training 
  • SISU Outreach Team Deliver
    Supplies Weekly
  • Lawrence Prospera is providing weekly
    care packages of food and supplies to
    families in need. 
  • SISU Outreach Team Deliver 
    Supplies Weekly
  • SISU provides diapers and formula
    to our young parents
  • Lawrence Prospera leadership meet twice a week via Zoom to ensure vital services continue
  • SISU Outreach Team continue to work addressing community violence during the quarantine
  • The SISU Case Management Team continue to 
    conduct regular individual and
    group check ins via Zoom. 
  • Casa Dominicana ESL Classes have
    embraced remote learning
  • Casa Dominicana ESL Classes have
    embraced remote learning
  • SISU Outreach Workers are grateful for
    donated homemade masks
  • SISU Outreach Workers are grateful for 
    donated homemade masks
  • The Quintana Center Citizenship Classes continue over Zoom
    With the ongoing crisis continuing to take a toll on families in Lawrence, Lawrence Prospera continues to offer a hybrid service model to help our clients and participants weather this time of uncertainty and attempt to maintain some sense of structure. 
    We continue to provide remote programming via Zoom as well as in person programming at reduced levels. 

    In Massachusetts...
    We Spend $14,000 a year to education a child
    We spend $53,000 a Year to Incarcerate an Individual
    We Can Do Better!
    In Lawrence...
    73% of residents speak a language other than English at home, impacting education & earning power
    We Can Do Better!
    In Lawrence
    Average Monthly Rent is $2,200/month.
    Average Monthly Income is $1,800
    We Can Do Better! 
    • 2021 01 21 12.56.44
      Joachim was born and raised in Lawrence, MA. As a young teenager, he became actively involved with a gang and illegal activity in the City. At the age of 17 Joachim suffered a stroke, which has led to partial paralysis on the left side of his body. Even a stroke could not hold Joachim back. Two years ago, he was referred to the SISU program by the Lawrence Police Department due to his gang involvement and an arrest for gun possession. At the time of his referral, he was lacking direction and facing a substantial prison sentence for gun charges.
      Since his referral and engagement with the program, Joachim has embraced the SISU program.  He completed his high school diploma and completed the SISU workforce development program with a focus on screen printing and graphic design. He also his completed his OSHA 10 certification. During his time with SISU, Joachim has mastered SISU's screen printing presses, SISU's heat press machine, and the SISU CNC Machine. He has also become very skilled with Adobe Photoshop. He has earned a role as a SISU peer leader and he mentors other youth in the program. During the pandemic, SISU was able to place Joachim into an internship at a local graphic design studio. Upon completion of his internship, the Studio offered him a full time job.Joachim still checks into SISU and provides mentorship every morning before going to work at the studio.

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    • anaAna moved from the Dominican Republic to Lawrence MA in 2018 with her husband and three children. She first registered with the Quintana Center’s ESL program during the spring of 2019 and earned the coveted role of graduation speaker. 

      Ana has continued on with ESL classes throughout this current fiscal year. When asked what her experience has been as a student here, she states, “it has been a great experience because I have been able improve my communication skills and continue with my future and her teacher, Mrs. Rose Ray Goris. Ana’s English has improved so much that she recently had the confidence to speak in public, representing the Quintana Center at the Lawrence Community Development Block Grant presentations. 

      Ana is continuing to work on her English language skills and is working towards a career in industrial engineering. She and her husband also hope to buy a home and make their new life in the United States more permanent.
    • juan 1Juan first enrolled in the Quintana Center’s ESL Spring 2020 session. Prior to COVID, he struggled to make it to class due to work obligations and would fall behind. Because of this he had to work harder to keep up with the rest of the class and the expectations. Nonetheless, he showed a real commitment to learning. 

      When the pandemic hit, the Quintana Center began offering classes over Zoom. Suddenly able to attend classes remotely, Juan made a commitment to not miss a single class in spite of his work obligations. He would often have to come in and out of class, but he dedicated the time every single Saturday, and took in what he could. Surprisingly, since going to only remote learning, his participation and ability to keep with the content increased dramatically. It was a great change, and while his teacher was concerned with his ability to pay attention and engage safely, she was impressed with his commitment and progress. 
      Juan completed the Spring session and has enrolled for the fall session as a remote student.
    • kassKassandra grew up Lawrence with 8 siblings. Her parents, although not together, emphasized the importance of family above all else. “Kass” has never been keen on rules but “Family First” is the one rule that she has always been able to follow without any hesitation. In 2016, Kass lost a brother  to the streets and the future lost importance. She began acting out at school, skipping, and failing classes.

      After being referred to SISU’s SWAG program, she began to get her life back on track. She engaged with staff,  mapped her future in her Individual Service Plan, and was on track to achieve her goals. Then in January of 2020, tragedy struck again when she lost her sister to a drunk driver. Her path forward lost  importance and she quit everything that she was working towards.

      This Spring, Kass’ life took another major turn when she learned she was pregnant.  She realized that she had to get her life together. She graduated from High school, received her driver’s license and got a full time job.  With the help of the SISU center she managed to get her first apartment and enroll in an EMT course  Early next year, Kass will be welcoming a baby boy and she is dedicated to providing a better life for her child.

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